storage facility painting

Choosing the Best Color for Your Self Storage Company

As you develop your self-storage company, you need to ensure you have a strong structure to house the units. Just because it’s a storage business doesn’t mean it should look boring. Here are some considerations when choosing the best color for your storage facility painting.

Company Branding

If you’re at a loss for the best color to use, there’s no better place to start than your logo and company colors. Whether your company colors are monochromatic, consist of two colors, or a whole spectrum, painters know how to make them work successfully inside and outside of your building.

Surrounding Businesses

Go outside and take a good look around your business neighborhood. Now, you have to decide whether you want to stand out amongst the crowd with a high-contrast color or if you want to blend in? If all the other business colors are white or beige, storage facility painting done in pink, green, or red can be eye-catching for anyone passing by. Plus, a high-contrast color can make it easy to identify your business when giving someone directions to a unit.

Mood and Emotion

Do you care to set a certain mood in your business? Do you want your storage facility to feel calm and peaceful? If so, blues and purples can do the trick. Have people feel energized when bringing stuff to or moving things from a storage unit by using vibrant colors like reds, yellows, and oranges. Keep things neutral with shades of gray or white.

Sprucing Up

If your storage facility is looking a little worse for wear and you’re simply looking for a way to make your units look more professional and clean, consider opting for neutral colors like gray, white, or beige to make your building and doors look more professional. Clients will feel more secure bringing their belongings to store in your facility.

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