Does Your Storage Facility Need to Be Repainted?

A new coat of paint can go a long way for any storage facility. If your paint is in need of a refresh, you need to find an expert self-storage painting company to ensure the job gets done right. The right professionals can help you get your facility up to speed. Let’s look at some situations that could necessitate a new paint job.

The Competition Is Pulling Ahead

When people store their stuff, they want to know that it’ll be safe. If your storage facility looks rundown and outdated, people may doubt that their property will be safe while stored there. So instead, they may opt for a rival who has a fresh paint job, a new roof, and a perfectly landscaped lawn, among other things.

First impressions count, and a quality paint job applied by an experienced self-storage painting company can help you stand out even in the face of stiff competition. You can repaint both the exterior and interior of your storage facility to offer sharper looks and instill more confidence. In the long run, the right coat of paint may pay for itself and then some by helping you draw in customers.

Your Facilities Were Recently Impacted by a Storm

Your storage facility may have recently been impacted by a storm. If your facility was pelted with hail, for example, it could have chipped the exterior paint, including on the walls and roof. Since roofs often bear the brunt of storms, you’ll want to pay especially close attention to this area.

According to ICSID, the cost of repainting a metal roof can range from $1,440 to $3,264. The costs will vary depending on factors like the size and slope of the roof. While this means you’ll have to invest a bit of cash, it’s worth it to help ensure that your facility is well-protected from the next severe storm.

The Paint Is Fading and Chipping

Even the best paint will someday wear out. You can expect good paint applied by a top-notch self-storage painting company to last many years. However, general wear and tear will eventually make it necessary to repaint your facilities. If paint is wearing thin, metal surfaces may be more likely to rust or otherwise break down. Substances like concrete could be exposed to the elements as well.

With a new paint job, you can renew your facility’s protection. This can help you avoid expensive repair and replacement bills. If you’re looking for a top-notch self-storage painting company, get in touch with Storage Facility Painting Services today. We’ve helped countless facilities improve their situation by offering excellent painting services.