Make Your Storage Facility Stand Out From the Rest With New Paint

A key aspect of marketing your storage facility is to find ways to stand out from the competition. There are about 50 thousand storage facilities in the U.S., according to Yahoo Finance, so you really need to be on your game to ensure that people know your business is something special. Even the exterior of your facility can help you stand out. Here’s how a self-storage painting company can help.

Use Colors for Branding

Colors can be an important part of your branding. It can be helpful to keep consistent colors on different aspects of your company’s marketing materials as well as physical buildings. It’s worth your time to review the colors that have been used already in your marketing materials and see if any of these colors will work for the exterior of your storage facility. When you talk with a self-storage painting company, you can discuss the color options that are available to see if you can match your buildings with any of your branding colors.

Use Colors to Grab Attention

In order to stand out among other self-storage facilities in your area, you’ll need a strong marketing approach, and this is all about grabbing attention. This isn’t just done through your advertisements, though. It can be accomplished by paying attention to certain aspects of your property as well. Signage and coloring can be used effectively to grab the attention of those passing your facility. Bold, bright colors are far more attention-grabbing than neutral colors. When it’s time to repaint your storage facility, consider using bolder colors in order to stand out.

Use New Paint for a Fresh Look

Sometimes it’s the simple things that can help your business stand out. When a business structure looks fresh and clean, it can make an immediate impression on current and potential customers. A shabby, run-down-looking property is easy to forget. Prospective customers might look at a property that hasn’t been kept up well, or that’s in need of a paint job, and quickly move on to the next option in their minds. You want potential customers to consider you as an option, but if they can’t get past a bad-looking exterior, you have no hope of standing out. Working with a self-storage painting company ensures that your facility always looks fresh and memorable.

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