What to Expect From a Self Storage Painting Service​

Self-storage units are common across the nation, which means there is a lot of competition within the industry. You can give your self-storage business a leg up on the competition with a high-quality self-storage painting service. Let’s take a few moments to review how new paint could help your business and what to expect from a painting service.

Better Looks and Increased Value

You can expect your self-storage business to experience greater success after a high-quality paint job. According to the 2022 Top Agents Insight report by HomeLight, new paint increases a building’s value by $7,571. The precise increased value would vary based on the size of your self-storage business, but each building could be worth significantly more than it was prior to the new paint.

Proper Preparation of Painted Surfaces

You should expect a self-storage painting service to perform quality work by prepping the surfaces that are to receive new paint. Many self-storage businesses have metal siding on their buildings, which the paint service should clean and sand to enable the best possible work. If you have wooden siding, it might need new caulking, which the painting service could help to provide in addition to proper preparation of the surfaces to be painted.

Efficient and Tidy Process

A good painting service should be able to work efficiently and prevent unnecessary messes. The work crew will scrape off any peeling paint and sand the surface to enable proper paint adhesion. Instead of just letting the scrapings drop to the ground and scatter when the wind blows, the crew should sweep them up and discard them properly. An efficient and tidy process will help to keep your place looking good while the new paint makes it even better.

Better Curb Appeal

When the painting process is done, your self-storage facility should look great. There will be no faded and peeling paint that discourages potential customers. Instead, your self-storage business will have greater curb appeal that encourages more people to rent units to store their valuables and other belongings.

Contact Storage Facility Painting Service today to learn more about how our self-storage painting services can benefit your business. We look forward to helping your facility reach new heights with a fresh coat of paint!